The striker of AC Milan, Robinho, has said that he is delighted with the arrival of Mario Balotelli in Milan camp.

Balotelli has recently signed for AC Milan. Milan has bought Balotelli after paying an undisclosed transfer fee which is rumoured to be around 20 million Pounds. Balotelli has signed a contract of four and half years for Milan.

When asked about Balotelli signing for Milan, Robinho said, “its great news for us. Balotelli is a quality player and everybody in the squad including me is happy with his arrival. He is going to be welcomed with open arms in the Milan locker room. Hopefully, he would perform well in the remaining of the season.”

“Balotelli will bring a lot of enthusiasm in the camp; that’s for sure. I am pretty excited to play alongside him.”

Balotelli will not be able to play for Milan in the Champions League matches as he has already featured for Manchester City in the earlier parts of the competition.

When asked about that, Robinho said, “It would have been nice to have him in the XI in the Champions League matches as well. But, he is not eligible for that. So, we can’t do anything about it.”

“Balotelli is going to be extremely valuable for us in the remaining matches of Serie A. We still have to play 16 matches and anything can happen.”

“The start of the season wasn’t that good for us and we are still making up for it. Our performance of late has been pretty good. But, now we have reached a critical stage and every result is important now. We need to make sure that most of the results go in our favour.”

Milan is currently at no. 5 in the Serie A points table with 37 points in 22 matches.