Robinho Accused of Rape and Suspended


Former Brazilian football star Robinho may have to go to jail as he is accused of rape and cheating. In such a high time the Brazilian star had returned to his first club Santos and the hype was building with the name “The last Pedal”. All the Brazilian football lovers were in the hope to see some glimpses of his best skills. Though everyone knows that it is not possible for anyone to perform like his younger days, still the name Robinho created excitement among football lovers.

Robinho was charged to be a part of the gang which raped a woman 9 years ago in Italy. Though he pleaded not to be guilty, 3 years back he was found guilty in that matter. The Italian court of Law sentenced him imprisonment for 9 years but for the last 4 years, the imprisonment was not executed. The law of Brazil doesn’t allow the extradition of Brazilian civilians and that caused his free life for the last 4 years. But now as he has returned to Brazil, many of the known characters of the Brazilian society asked for the execution of the punishment. The Brazilian club Santos has canceled the deal with him and now he is planning to appeal again.

According to Robinho, he didn’t take part in the rape but there was a contract with the woman for the night. He is not at all repenting for the incident but is feeling guilty to his wife as he cheated on her. Santos has always backed the campaigns against injustice against women. They have produced players like Pele and Neymar who are legendary figures of football. But as soon as they announced that they have signed Robinho, society accused them of being hypocrites. Thus they have canceled the contract now with Robinho.