The Brazilian striker Robinho has backed the underfire AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri by saying that he is a great coach. He has said that if Allegri is struggling with the job, then it means that all the AC Milan players are also struggling with their respective jobs. Hence, it is not fair to criticise the performances of Massimiliano Allegri alone. The AC Milan manager has come under intense criticism in the first few weeks of the campaign after he has been unable to get any sort of form from the team. Even though they have sold a lot of high profile players and lost veterans due to their age, Milan were never expected to be closer to the relegation zone.

This has intensified the pressure on the manager, who is rumoured to be on the verge of getting the sack. Robinho, who is one of the last remaining stars in the team, has backed the manager by saying that he has always been top notch. Hence, if there is something wrong with the manager according to the media, then some portion of the blame also has to go to the players. Massimiliano Allegri has had a difficult time especially with the loss of players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva. He has also had to contend with the lack of Robinho in the first few weeks.

“It’s hard, and the season will not restart until the team really win. If he [Allegri] is in trouble, therefore so are we. But football teaches us that things can change fast. It takes two to three good games in a row and you get back on track. With Inter, they deserved to win and it is a shame that after there has been a defeat, the pressure weighs a lot more,” said Robinho.