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Robinho brought back by Santos to motivate Young Players

Santos brought back their sensation Robinho back from European football and this seems to have had a positive effect on the young players at the club.

The Brazilian outfit have one of the best academies in this region.Gabriel Barbosa Gabigol is seen as the club’s best young talent and he says that it is a pleasure to play alongside Robinho once again. The former Real Madrid and Manchester City forward is held in high regard in these parts. Even though his career has not exactly panned the way as he would have hoped in the last few years, Robinho is the Brazil international who is valued highly.

Gabriel Barbosa Gabigol says that playing along with the striker has helped him learn a number of new things in the game. He is also happy that Robinho is extremely down-to-earth despite being a great player. Robinho is looking unlikely to stay at Santos for much longer. He may depart for the MLS with Orlando City showing an interest in him. The newlyformed MLS franchise recently snapped up Robinho’s Brazilian teammate Kaka, who is now the league’s highest earning player. Robinho could soon be playing alongside him in Miami, but the likes ofGabigol have not given up hope.

“I’ve never imagined that we could once play together. That is a dream coming true. He’s a very nice person, so playing with him is a real pleasure for me. I learn a lot from Robinho.He’s a good teacher and show me that I can try to improve myself every day. He works even when he’s on vacation. He’s a real idol to the young players here. I hope he will stay with us for a long time so we can keep learning a lot from him,” said Gabriel Barbosa Gabigol in an interview.