Robinho can Return with Conditions: Santos President


Jose Carlos Peres, Santos President, stated that Robinho can get all the conditions if he thinks of returning to defend the Sao Paulo team. However, the leader did not speak a word about negotiations or give the slightest details about the conditions regarding finances for the ultimate settlement between the team and the player.

Though he did not speak about finances, Jose Carlos Peres said that all the conditions given by Robinho will be fulfilled by Santos depending upon the financial part of both him and the club. He has the freedom to make his choice, but everything is clear from the side of the club. Everyone knows how good he is in the dressing room and the ground, so there is nothing much to discuss.

The footballer at 36 years of age has already appeared in three games for Santos. He emerged as a world footballer and developed in various ways from this Sao Paulo team. The arousal of the new speculations about the prospective negotiation between Santos and Robinho happened because the contract of the athlete is nearing its end with the Turkish club, Basaksehir. The original deal was validated until June, but it was extended till the end of the current season. Unfortunately, that got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means he might be released for the concluding agreement with Brazil’s club from August.

Along with Robinho, Jose Carlos Peres also commented on how French clubs are trying to probe Felipe Jonatan. He said many people from France are eyeing on Felipe and also want him to sign for their clubs. But he did not mention any details about the contract between Santos and Felipe, just like Robinho. He also did not say which of the clubs have shown interest in taking up Felipe Jonatan.