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Robinho frustated after Salary not paid by his Club

Robinho, as some other Santos Footballers, is frustrated that his salary is not being paid by the club on a regular basis.

Robinho is the most expensive player that Santos has got right now. He is not a permanent part of the club though. He’s there on loan.

Santos has faced quite a few economic issues in the recent months. They have not been able to find a sponsor for the jersey of the senior team in the ongoing season. The empty stands during the matches have not helped them either.

Quite a few Peixe players have complained about their salaries remaining unpaid and a couple have even taken legal action against their employers.

Arouca, the playmaker and one other guy took the help of a Brazilian court lately to get their deals concluded.

Robinho is however acting a bit more maturely and he does not seem to be in a mood to take any such step to get his pending payment made.

Speaking to the press the previous week, the forward said, “We are all professional players. It’s our source of living. So, we have to think about it somewhere down the line, but, at the same time, we must show a bit of patience.”

“I know that my wages are not low and managing it is difficult for Santos at such a time of crisis. In some other leagues, it is not that high an amount for the clubs, but, here in Brazil, it’s not quite the same.”

“The situation is frustrating yes, but, I do believe that it would all get sorted. You must be optimistic as a professional.”

Santos had quite a disappointing last season in the Brazilian top league as they finished 9th with 53 points only.