The renowned professional football player, Robinho whose full name is Robson de Souza was born on the 25th of January in the year 1984 in a place called Sao Vicente, Sap Paulo State in Brazil. At present h is playing as a striker for a club in Milan called Serie A. Football fans are more familiar with Robinho being a part of the Brazilian National Team. Since childhood he has been a very strong contender and very determined with his game. His detemination was first recognised by the legend from Brazil itself, Pele who personally picked him out in the year 1999 when Robinho was only 15 years old.

Pele assisted him to move to Santos and play for the title of Campeonato Brasileiro, which happens to be the same club where Pele himself played.  This turning point in Robnho’s life brought a lot of success on the way. With Santos he had achieved another title and then two more titles when he played with Real Madrid which was a Spanish Club.  In his first season played at AC Milan, Robinho again wom another title i.e. Italian Serie A. Further when he played with Brazil he achieved two titles of the Confederations Cups  and one of Copa America.

On 13th July in the year 2003, Robinho brought home to Brazil his first earned cup when he played for the CONCACAF Gold Cup where Brazil won 1-0 to Mexico. His next big win was in the yea 2005 when he qualified for the Brazil squad and brought home the FIFA Confederations Cup. FIFA also considers CONCACAF GoldCup matches to be as full international matches though Brazil send in their under-23 team. In the FIFA Confederation Cup, Robinho only played in four matches out of five but yet he left his mark in the entire tournament.

Robinho’s idol since his childhood days was Romario, and when he was in full form to play for thr Copa America in the year 2007 he chose to where the number eleven on his jersey just the way his idol did. When playing against Chile Robinho did a hat-trick by making four goals and assisted Brazil to take the lead in the group stage with a score of 3-0 against Chile. When played against Ecuador, Robinho made the penalty and again gave Brazil a lead in the group stage with a score of 1-0.

When playing against Chile again in the quarter finals, Robinho made the last two goals and finished the game with a clear winning score of 6-1. He was entitled as the best player of the tournament and achieved the individual honors of the Golden Boot winner. When Brazil participated in the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa he played in every match where, he defeated the United States with a score of 3-2 and Brazil won the tournament. In the quarter finals of 2010 FIFA World Cup, Brazil played against Netherlands but lost the game ending the score at 2-1 which also resulted to their elimination from the tournament.