AC Milan striker Robinho has said that he is extremely excited about the prospect of returning to the Brazilian club Santos one day. Robinho began his career with the Brazilian club in very much the same way as football legend Pele. Even though he was regarded to be one of the best talents when he was coming through the youth academy at Santos, his career has not progressed in the same way he would like to do in the last few seasons. There has been the disappointment of his poor spell with Manchester City, although he seems to be recovering from that at the San Siro.

Despite this, there has been talk of him joining Santos once again. He has refused to rule out the possibility of a move, but has also acknowledged that he does not see it happening any time soon. The 28-year-old striker is still in his prime, which means that Italian club AC Milan are likely to sell him for a low transfer fee. Along with Robinho, former Juventus midfielder Diego has also been quick to express his desire to return to Santos. The former Werder Bremen midfielder is also looking to resume his Wolfsburg career, which has come to a stall in recent seasons.

“I intend to return to Brazil one day but I have two years left on my contract at Wolfsburg. I am feeling very well in Europe. I’ve played in different leagues and each of them had its own peculiarity but I’m happy with things there [in Europe]. I really want to return to Santos, I am a Santos supporter and I would like to play there again one day,” said Diego. “I don’t know about the possibility of returning to Brazil. I have a great relationship with Santos. I like Vila Belmiro a lot. I hope to return one day, but I don’t know if it will be now or in the future. But I’ll return one day,” said Robinho.