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Robinho happy to play for Brazil

Robinho said that he is happy to have played for Brazil in the charity match against Colombia.

The game was organized to raise fund for the Chapecoense air crash. This was the first time since one year that Robinho was called back in the Brazil national team.

Robinho said that it was an honor for him to be part of such a game and that his thoughts were with the victims of the Chapecoense air crash throughout the match. He said that it was a pleasure for him to be part of the Brazilian national team again and that he will never forget the feeling associated with it.

The Brazil national coach said that the results of the game were not important for him as he was more concerned about the charity aspect of the game. However, he admitted that he used the game to try some new things on the pitch and also evaluate some players that might form part of the team in the future.

Tite decided not to make use of any player based abroad and instead fielded players that play in the domestic league. He said that he was happy with the performance of his team and that he has seen some good things on the pitch. He believes that there are some players that are ready to form part of the Brazil national team on a regular basis and that he will call them in due time.

Robinho said that it is an honor for any Brazilian player to represent their national side and that he will always be ready to help if ever the national coach needs him. He believes that there is good potential in the team, but they still need to learn how to play together if they want to beat the best sides in the world.