Savio, The Ex-Real Madrid Winger Say: Don’t Compare Robinho With Vinicius Junior

Savio was the winger of Real Madrid once. He has requested people in football world, keeping patience about Vinicius Junior and instead of judging him wait and watch.

According to Savio, it is too early to start comparing Vinicius with Robinho, even it is not required. He said, there is no comparison in both the players, Vinicius is a young talent and emerging while Robinho is an establish player.

When he was questioned about Vinicius and Robinho, He said, “I believe it is too soon to check him and analyze him. Before making any judgement about his performance and game, we all should understand this that he is a young player and he is just 18 year-old boy. Vinicius is too young and he has many things around his mind to think about and he must be going through many things.”

He said, “According to me it is too quick to comment that he should become a starter. I believe that, everything that is taking place at this point of time is good and the road for him is all fine.” He added. He said, “For forecaster it is unnecessary to judge his game and expect when he is reaching the Real Madrid like club. Though he has become a starter at such a young age, it is just a matter of time.”

As far as my view about Vinicius is a concern,” I am not a kind who make compare players in football. I have a thought that each player has his own profile. His style is different, his moments and time is different. It is another story; the past of Vinicius Junior at Real Madrid has many things that could be called as rich and full of talent. On the other hand, Robinho has a completely different story. So, there is no point that could be compared. Both are different players with different abilities, there is nothing to compare.”